How You Can Make Use of the Best Wire Cutters

Straight-cutting machines are designed to align and cut all types of wire in accordance with the specified dimensions. The process is as follows: the wire from the skein on the turntable enters a special leveling drum. Editing the wire is carried out using pulling rollers and due to the high speed in the drum. The wire passes through specially located holes in the dies of the drum and straightens. According to the set parameters, a measuring device is installed on the receiving table. Here the scissors are automatically switched on, the wire is cut off and laid in the receiving device. 

The process of leveling and chopping the wire itself is quite simple, and if you want to choose the right detachable machine, the price of which can be quite big, you need to focus on ease of control, reliability, degree of automation and productivity. 

It is also worth considering the following important parameters when choosing:

  • speed and convenience of reconfiguring the machine from one to another length of wire segments;
  • accuracy of measuring and cutting the bar: optimally the error can be ± 0.2 millimeters;
  • ease of reconfiguration to a different wire diameter; 
  • low noise level;
  • small size with high performance. 

As practice shows, high productivity and ease of use of the Best wire cutters allow you to count on the minimum payback period.

Cutting unit

Two versions of the cutting unit are installed on rotary-type correct-cutting machines: stationary guillotine (knife) or mobile guillotine. The length of the bar cutting, in the first case, occurs according to the signal from the limit switch, which is installed on the receiving tray, and is triggered at the moment of contact with the product. The pull rollers stop, and after the wire stops moving, the guillotine is triggered. Such a system provides maximum cutting accuracy of ± 0.5 mm / m. In the case of the mobile guillotine, the cutting of the wire occurs without stopping the feed, this makes it possible to achieve greater productivity, while reducing the accuracy of the cutting to ± 1 mm / m. Depending on those. tasks, you can measure the length of the wire, as a limit switch, and an encoder.

Receiving tray

Based on the maximum required length of harvested rods, the length of the receiving tray is selected. Based on the tasks, the functions of the tray can be expanded: additional automated functions may consist in the fact that the measured rods in the bundle can be given a parallel arrangement by vibration, and the measured rods can also be trimmed and tied. This level of automation is not necessary for everyone, but such equipment capabilities must be borne in mind when choosing the correct cut-off machine.

Drive main components

The nodes of broaching and editing of correct-cutting machines of the rotary type have an electric drive with adjustable speed of rotation of the asynchronous electric motor. The engine speed is controlled by frequency control. The frequency converter is installed in an electrical cabinet. Depending on the speed value set by the operator, from the control panel, speed adjustment is automatic. The broach of the straight-detachable roller type machine is equipped with an adjustable asynchronous servo drive, encoders that provide feedback to the computer and more accurate positioning are included in the design of its electric motor. The cutting unit can be equipped with either electric or hydraulic drive (NR 450 – made by Vitari  

Features of correct cutting machines:

A feature is that straightening the wire is carried out on all planes. This happens through its repeated transverse plastic bending with the help of regular crackers, which in turn are installed in the nests of the correct frame rotating at a speed.


The control cabinet for the correct cutting machines allows you to set and control the following parameters: drawing speed, bar length, the required number of bars in a bundle, the number of measured workpieces. An additional feature of the control panel is the ability to adjust the correct unit from the control panel, which is the most time-consuming operation when setting up the correct cut-off machine. 

Tool and tooling

When placing an order for a correct cutting machine, you should carefully select the equipment and tools for compliance with the declared operating range of the machine. When it is necessary for the machine to process the entire range of diameters stated in the passport, it is necessary to check the availability and working range of the following parts of the equipment: a rotary-type correct cut-off machine: pulling rollers – must be made with several grooves for different wire diameters; the right die for various wire diameters; input and output sleeve (guide) of the machine; input and output sleeve (guide) of the rotor; motionless and movable knife.