How to make the Best Use of the Automatic Wire Stripper

In, it is cheaper to buy a stripper in an online store, with a discount on delivery or pickup. In the catalog you can choose and order, but also the top manufacturer the price of a stripper is proportional to the quality, which is confirmed by user reviews. Payment in cash and by card is possible upon receipt of the goods, with the exception of certain items check with the manager for the actual cost.

How to remove insulation without damage

Stripping the wire requires accuracy, because due to a simple error, you can cut the cross section or damage the core, which will lead to poor installation with the ensuing consequences. Each electrician should have tools for stripping, as they greatly facilitate and improve the quality of work. And given the relatively low price of budget ones, it makes sense to buy them for the home.

For stripping wires without damage, a force regulator and blade positioning are required, which are present only in special tools.

One for round, the second for flat wires

It is better that there is a separate tool for round cables, straight, coaxial and Ethernet, since each has its own design, type of insulation, therefore there is no universal one.

For flat wires, a dielectric construction knife with a heel for longitudinal cutting is intended . When installing home electricians, flat cables are used infrequently, but for those who work with them, it is mandatory and almost indispensable. Designed to work with lines up to 1000V.

Auxiliary blade can be equipped with crimping crimpers, but for thin veins up to 1mm² it will not work. This is not the main, but an additional function, so do not expect great efficiency. It is not possible to qualitatively strip wires from insulation made of PVC or rubber, especially multi-wire ones. They have very thin veins, and if you do not calculate the force of pressing, then they are easy to break.

Special pincers are effective enough to remove insulation, but when pressed, damage to the cores is possible, especially if there is no force regulator, but even it does not guarantee accuracy, therefore, in the absence of proper experience, it is easy to make a mistake. But if the nippers are missing, this is a good replacement for them. They even have a similar design, except for the presence of special niches for standard sections and springs.

Particularly accurate is the removal of insulation from small wires, especially when it comes to information lines. Even the smallest crack can provoke interference or block the signal. Therefore, for a twisted pair cable, as well as for optical fiber, a special puller is used, equipped with niches with blades for a specific wire design, so as not to break a fragile vein with a thickness of hair.

A multifunctional automatic wire stripper can also do stripping, leaving a bare section of the required length. When cutting a stranded wire, it can hook and cut a couple of thin veins, because in order to remove insulation without damage, it is necessary to choose the correct cross-section. The specifications on the box or handle indicate the allowable range.

In order not to “play” with the limiter, setting the thickness, you can buy an automatic stripper with a tightening device, it greatly speeds up the process, since you do not need to spend time on removing an extra piece.

This is a very useful mechanism if stripping of wires with thick insulation is required, so it can take a lot of effort to remove it, which is not very convenient, especially during high-altitude work. He adjusts himself to size, and gently exposes the core. Convenient when you need to first remove the upper insulation, and then separately expose each core.

It removes PVC insulation well from the cable not only round, but also flat. This is facilitated by the design of the jaws, on one there is a blade, and on the second – ribs for fixing the cable, when pressed, an incision is made and the extra piece is pulled.

The higher the cost, the better the quality

Stripping the cable at home during the repair should not be done so that it comes to hand. Even for one-two-time use, it is advisable to choose from budget manufacturers. It is inexpensive, but definitely better and safer than using improvised means.

But for professional use it is better to overpay and take the branded cable remover. It is better than cheap Chinese due to better steel and plastic, a more durable spring with a lock, and a convenient regulator with divisions. During operation, this provides several advantages. The price of such a puller can differ significantly from top brands, but it is also less likely to misfire. In the future, it will last several times longer.