The Most valued Way that the Wire Stripping Machine Works

The wire stripping machine will help you remove the plastic and rubber insulation from the undamaged waste cable quickly and easily. The cable shaver is made of a high quality aluminum alloy that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The manual power machine without motor is safer to operate, so you can connect it to an electric drill as power. The machine is small in size and can be easily operated anywhere with a platform, and can be fastened with screws. Especially suitable for stripping rubber covered cables of 1 meter or more in circular square shapes and shapeless cables.

What are the price limits for the decent cable stripping machine?

If you want to buy the best cable stripping machine on the market, remember that it doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Of course, expensive models are usually good, but there is always the possibility that you can find an option with a better price / quality ratio. If you want to get the most out of your cable stripping machine, choose wisely and consider all its features, not just the price.

The wire stripper must not be missing in any well-stocked tool case and is one of the standard tools for every electrician or hobbyist. But what are the advantages of such pliers, what should you pay attention to and which stripping pliers is the best?

The advantages of a wire stripper

The automatic wire stripper is a helpful tool to simplify the stripping of cables. The insulation material  (plastic or rubber) is separated from the wire or strand without damaging it. These pliers offer the following advantages:

Stripping is much faster than cable knives

  1. Very precise . The individual wires are not damaged if they are set correctly.
  2. Locations that are difficult to access are easier to reach with the pliers
  3. Work more efficiently

Many wire strippers also have a system in which the respective cable cross-section is automatically recognized to prevent accidental damage to the conductor.

You should pay attention to this

Even if you only very rarely use wire strippers: don’t save at the wrong end! It has often been proven here that the affordable models have not proven their worth. Especially when working with electrical conductors, it is important that the tools work properly and the insulation is removed properly. The most important point quality! 

You should also note the following requirements:

  1. Automatic scanning system or manual adjustment of the cable cross-section
  2. Minimum and maximum cable cross-section (it becomes difficult for some pliers with fine wires under 0.5mm²)
  3. Interchangeable blades
  4. Integrated wire cutter
  5. Adjustable length stop
  6. Handy design and light weight
  7. Slim head shape (for hard-to-reach places such as junction boxes)

The integrated Best wire cutters is ideal for quickly cutting wires with a small cable cross-section without using an additional side cutter. Furthermore, the insulation on the handle should of course work properly and must not come loose. 

Special pliers for coaxial cables

Special stripping pliers are required for coaxial cables , since the multi-layer structure of the cable does not allow easy stripping of two “layers”.

Wire stripper bestseller

Below you will find the Best wire strippers as a bestseller on Amazon. Only top five are listed so that the decision is not made unnecessarily difficult for you. The many reviews and customer reviews can help you choose the right pliers.

If you’re looking Machines for stripping wires and you need a top quality, it is recommended reports on the web where you can find a variety of machines strippers and accessories, tongs or pliers.

Save time stripping the cables with good machinery

If in your profession and day to day you must strip many cables , a good way to save time is to acquire a machine. The stripping machines will do the work for you and ensure the optimum stripping of the cable, thus taking advantage of 98% of the cable and discarding the coating of the cable.

Industrial Wire Stripping Machine

The automatic stripping machine uses a drill or a handle to strip the copper wire. The stripper is automatic and the wire range is up to 38mm. It is easy to use with the crank or the drill, portable and practical, energy saving, beautiful appearance. You can get the copper wire after pickling the single blades.

Main features of the stripping machine:

1). High efficiency, low energy consumption;

2). Easy operation and easy maintenance;

3). Beautiful appearance, stable performance;

4). Small dimensions, easy to move;

5). The support can be provided to support the stripping machine;

6). The different voltages are optional and personalized as needed;

7). Wide range of processing: this machine can process the diameter between 1mm-160mm, which can meet the various demands of customers.

Cable stripper application:

The stripping machine is the equipment that separates the plastic packaging and the metal core from electrical wires, cables, copper wires, etc.

This stripping machine can be applied to different types of cables, high voltage cables, fiber optic cables, single-wire wires more than 2 mm thick, sheathed flat cables, steel wires, etc.

Main structure of cable stripping machine:

1.The motor is four-grade speed adjustment and phase 3.

2.The stripper is equipped with a four-level gearbox (when adjusting, first push one handle to the neutral position, then move the other to adjust it).

3.The electric motor can be adjusted according to different local customers voltage, HZ and phase.

4. TF-3 has double structure of rollers, double blades and five blades.

The most important facts for the perfect wire stripper

For your own safety, you should consider stripping pliersask a few questions to get the right model. First of all, you should ask yourself what size the pliers should be. Today there are already many different offers that score with various sizes. Think about what you want to use the pliers for and whether you want to use them more often. Flat or very small models are particularly worthwhile for very narrow passages. After that, you should deal with the right manufacturer. There is a colorful selection today, with well-known and popular brands being a good address. These include, for example, Knipex, S&R or Jokari. With these brands you have mostly made the right choice and are on the safe side that the wire strippers work perfectly. The next important point is the price. Of course, you shouldn’t hang a price tag on your safety, but cheap offers do not immediately mean that they are bad offers. Through tests and comparisons, you quickly notice that you can be a good one for little moneyStripping pliers can receive.

Get help

Not everyone is familiar with the topic of wire strippers. But that’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy such a model. Just get help in advance. You can read wire stripper books at home. These are available in a wide variety, with the advantage that not only is it described which pliers you need for what, but how you also use them. If you don’t want to “torture yourself” through a book, you can also use the help of a specialist. If you buy your pliers at a hardware store or a tool shop, for example, the seller will surely be on hand with advice and action. However, if you want to order the right model on the Internet, you should take a closer look at the customer reviews. Here you can see immediately where the wire stripper convinced and what its weaknesses are. Conveniently, you can often split the offers according to your own needs to simplify the search. So it will not be long before you will hold the optimal pliers in your hands.

Which stripper is better to choose

If we talk about small electrical work at home, it is better to choose a manual stripper for cutting the cable, which will allow you to clean the sheath from the cores, cross-section up to 6 mm.kv. Mechanical models are inexpensive, about 400 rubles, in addition, for home electricians, they will be quite suitable in functionality.

Electricians, whose life is directly related to the wiring, it is better to choose a semi-automatic or automatic stripper. The price of the tool starts from 1000 rubles, for a quality puller you have to give even more. But if you take into account how much simplified and most importantly accelerated the wiring, you can without hesitation give preference to an improved mechanism.

Instrument Use Rules

Stripping lived

Consider the operating instructions for the example of the Chinese semi-automatic stripper, serving faithfully for more than one year. This model is absolutely not whimsical and easy to maintain.The cutting element is a pair of plates with dimensional die-cutting for different core diameters.

Experts are well aware of how important it is to protect current-carrying cable conductors from damage when stripping insulation. Without exaggeration, it can be said that this is one of the foundations of high-quality electrical work. Of great importance is also the length of the exposed contact; in some devices, the manufacturer strongly recommends that the size of the removed insulation be strictly observed. The use of special tools allows you to accurately comply with the specified length.

And the last point, which testifies to the advantage of a stripper over a knife: a person’s hands are covered with skin, which is very vulnerable if you accidentally ride on it with a sharpened blade of a regular knife for stripping. The use of a stripper ensures absolute safety during operation, since the isolation is cut off with the help of special hidden knives that do not come into contact with the user’s hands.

Types of Strippers

By the principle of action, all strippers can be divided into three main categories: simple, semi-automatic and automatic:

  • Models of the “simple” category are located near well-known side cutters. In these tools, the blades that cut the insulation have a certain diameter, designed for one or another conductor size. The user only needs to choose the right recess on the stripper body. Contact length exposure control is not provided. This is done by eye or already after removing the insulation according to the pattern;
  • Semi-automatic stripper is a tool equipped with two pair of metal lips with cutting edges. During removal of insulation, the cable being processed is located on the working mechanism. After that, the handles of the device are squeezed, because of which the plastic (or rubber) insulation is cut and pulled from the core. Such models are usually equipped with an emphasis to adjust the length of the contact being cleaned. It is possible to put emphasis in the position that will exactly match the specified size;
  • An automatic stripping device automatically adjusts itself to the size of the wires, and you only need to set the length of the exposed metal part on it. The structural advantage of such a stripper is that it is able to remove the overall external insulation and insulation from each core separately at the same time. Saving time increases many times. There are automatic electric strippers for cutting large diameter power cables, as well as models that clean the insulation, cut and rewind the wires in a stranded wire at the same time.

In addition to the described types of tools, there are also strippers designed for a specific group of conductors. These include:

Stripper for stripping insulation in a twisted pair cable. Extremely convenient device for cutting the outer insulation in multicore telephone cables. The principle of operation is to clamp and cut the outer shell with a thin retractable knife;

Stripper for processing power cable. Effectively cuts the insulation both across and along the axis of the cable, which makes it possible to expose not only the ends of the wire, but also do it anywhere. The structural solution is achieved by clamping with “floating” blades. In the process, the device must be adjusted to a specific size of the insulation coating;

Stripper for stripping coaxial cable insulation. It looks like a stripper for twisted pair. But unlike him, it is equipped with two blades, as well as interchangeable clamps, which are reinstalled depending on the diameter of the cable. This stripper needs fine tuning, taking into account the thickness of the outer insulation and the thickness of the center wire. Almost indispensable in the preparation of coaxial cables equipped with crimp connectors;

Stripper for removing varnish from fiber optic conductors. A precision (i.e. accurate) instrument designed for optical fiber. His task is to remove the thinnest layer of varnish from a glass conductor. Must meet strict accuracy criteria. Therefore, despite the external simplicity of the device, it has a reasonably high cost.